Brie Larson's Bodyweight Workout Is a Fast, Challenging Flow That Hits Every Muscle

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Brie Larson's first pandemic workout was supposed to be a quick 10-minute session, but when she got her trainer Jason Walsh on a video call to lead her through it, they ended up going for a full hour and a half of sweaty, challenging bodyweight moves. Larson shared the full workout on her YouTube channel (featuring a pre-workout cookie and a matching legging and sports bra set that's very reminiscent of her Captain Marvel costume), and it's a no-equipment flow that's accessible (but tough) for every fitness level.

In the video, Walsh said he created the workout knowing that Larson hadn't worked out in a while and called it a "reintroduction" and a way to reawaken your body after some time off. They started off with a warmup of sumo squats and lateral squat variations, then moved right into a challenging plank sequence, featuring body saws, creepy crawler planks, and up-down planks. This full-body flow also targets the arms and legs with a bit of cardio thrown in (hellooo, squat jumps), and by the end, Larson was understandably exhausted. "I feel my mortality in a way that I haven't for a while," she said, which is a breaking point we've all probably hit during a workout.

Larson shared her workout as a way of "normalizing and vocalizing where we're at, no matter what that is," she explained in the video's intro. "Every day is going to be different," which means doing different workouts, taking breaks, and changing up your routine is totally acceptable. Watch Larson's full workout above, and then check out the superhero-style workouts that got her in shape for her Marvel debut!