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Watch Jimmy Kimmel Live's "Teloton" Video Mocking Peloton

Um, Can We Please Make "Teloton" a Real Thing For My Friends Who Won't Shut Up About Their Peloton Bikes?

If you know someone with a Peloton bike, then you know someone who won't shut up about Peloton. Small talk seems to always turn to the fitness platform: they hit their personal record, they ranked in the top 10 on the leaderboard, Cody Rigsby is hilarious, they've done 200 rides, etc. People love posting to their Instagram Stories of "just getting in a 20-minute ride!" and that they "got a shout-out in class today!"

I love indoor cycling as much as anyone else, but I'm not always in the mood to talk to my friends about it and recap every ride and win. Jimmy Kimmel and his team at Jimmy Kimmel Live agree, which is why they created this relatable sketch called "Teloton." The idea is that Peloton users can call a phone line and gush about their Pelotons instead of bugging their friends.

It's a genius concept I wish existed. The only problem is that the phone operators on the other end get just as fed up. Watch the hilarious sketch above, and be sure to share with all your Peloton-obsessed friends.

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