Watching These Olympic Divers Training Out of Water Is Both Impressive and Mesmerizing

Olympic diving is strength, flexibility, and gracefulness all wrapped into one amazing sport. The way divers can spin and twist and contort their bodies in the air makes it beyond inspiring, and when you see how they train out of the water, you'll have even more appreciation for these athletes. Watch these video of dry-land training, and you'll see just how similar it is to gymnastics.

We love Laura Wilkinson's caption: "I have always loved jumping high and flipping through the air! But landing on my feet has never been my forte... I guess that's why I switched from gymnastics to diving."

Look at this impressive move from Jennifer Abel. We wish we could get hooked up to this and try it ourselves!

We just can't get over Samantha Pickens's flexibility!

Here are synchronized divers Kassidy Cook and Sarah Bacon. Their postures are impressive!

Make sure you watch this video until the end to see the different types of equipment Jennifer Abel used to perfect this dive.

Here's some more dry-land training from Laura Wilkinson. She said it's always fun to play in a different place.

Make sure you click through all these videos of Delaney Schnell practicing backward and forward flips.

Holy flips from Jennifer Abel!

Check out this video of synchronized divers Kassidy Cook and Sarah Bacon in slow motion.