22 Fun Ways to Reenergize Your Workout

Sometimes your workouts need a little pick-me-up. C9 by Champion understands, which is why we partnered with them on this post.

When your workout starts feeling like it is stuck on repeat, it's time to do something different — which is also a must for long, lean muscles and a tight core. And for those who find getting sweaty to be the least favorite part of your day, these motivators make fitness fun through surprising suggestions to revive your workout outlook.

  1. Grab a workout buddy: Enlist a good friend to be your workout buddy, which offers a challenge to you both to stick with it. Create goals for each other to accomplish, like first one to lose five pounds buys the other a mani-pedi!
  2. Run with your dog: Dogs have tons of energy, so taking your pup out for a stroll or jog is a great way to switch things up. And if you don't have a dog, check with your local shelter to see if they need volunteers for dog runs. Bonus? You might make a new furry friend.
  3. Add some cardio: If you're used to doing yoga or a butt-busting barre workout, mix it up and add some cardio for a quick whole-body routine.
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  1. Smile through the burn: Even if you are dripping with sweat and a bit out of breath, smiling while working out actually sends positive signals to your brain, faking it out that you are having a good time. Try it — you might be surprised with how smiling elevates your mood.
  2. Sing along to your favorite tunes: Sure, not the best idea while at the gym, but if working out at home, try belting out your favorite tunes while doing crunches. Singing actually regulates your breathing, getting more oxygen to your muscles — and it's just fun.
  3. Find your incentive: Why do you workout? Is it to stay in shape or for another reason? Figure out what your incentive is and strive for it. While you're working toward your goal you'll feel like you are accomplishing something.
  4. Be a gym reviewer: Even if you already belong to a gym, hit up its competition for a tour — and potentially a free workout! Most gyms offer a complimentary day pass before you commit.
  5. Head outdoors: If you usually hit the gym for the same routine, skip it and work out outdoors. Run, skip, lunge while enjoying some fresh air — and a different perspective.
  6. Stay in bed: That's right, you can get a full-body workout without even leaving the bed (Um, not that way!). Work your body with a 10-minute routine that will leave you feeling fresh and ready for the day.
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  1. Get competitive: Competition is a great way to perk up your workout, and finding a friend that loves a challenge makes getting fit fun. Meet up for weekly volleyball matches or a highly competitive one-on-one basketball game.
  2. Watch TV while working out: Who says you can't be a bit of a lazy girl while working out? Catch up on your favorite shows and do a Tabata interval during commercials, then rotate between light weight lifting, squats, and lunges while watching, creating your very own circuit-training session.
  3. Take a free yoga class: Most yoga studios offer a tryout class before you commit to a membership, making it a exciting way to change up your workout — and it's free!
  4. Pretend you are in training: Even if you aren't planning on running a 5K any time soon, pretend you just signed up and start training for the win.
  5. Take progress photos: While not necessarily perking up your workout, taking pictures of your progress every two weeks provides visual motivation and proof of your accomplishments.
  6. Make a gettin' sweaty playlist: Music definitely helps make time fly, so put together an epic collection of songs that motivate you to work your body. And no one can hear what you're listening to, so no need to worry about anyone judging you. Really.
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  1. Race against the person next to you: Turn any workout into a silent competition by pacing yourself against the person next to you while burning calories on the treadmill or elliptical. See who can keep it up the longest.
  2. Burn calories while having fun: Instead of jogging, play ultimate Frisbee, swap Hula-Hooping for crunches, or salsa dance instead of your regular Spinning class.
  3. Track your distance: There are so many fun apps and GPS watches that track your distance while running or hiking. Share your daily workout via your favorite social network and challenge your friends to do the same.
  4. Become a superhero: Who says you can't become a master ninja or boxing pro? Take a karate class or check out a boxing ring for tips on challenging yourself. This 10-minute workout will get you kicking.
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  1. Commit in advance: Sign up for a class or fun marathon and pay in advance. This creates a big incentive for trying something new. And it'a a fun way to take your workout to a new level.
  2. Do more of what you love: Working out doesn't have to be a constant battle. Doing more of what you love leaves you feeling refreshed and positive. And you might be surprised with how many calories you can burn while gardening, hiking, or even shopping.
  3. Boost your body: Perk up your workout by focusing on specific areas you would love to give a lift — like your ta-tas. It's a fun way to focus your workouts on different body parts, leaving you feeling absolutely fabulous.

Need more ways to reenergize your workout? Take a look at the video below, brought to you by C9 by Champion, exclusively sold at Target.