If Worrying Keeps You Up at Night, It Might Be Time to Try Deep Sleep Meditation

If you struggle with anxiety that makes it difficult to fall asleep, and stay asleep, deep sleep meditation might help.

Deep sleep meditation lets your mind relax and let go of nagging worries that interfere with sleep. We spoke with Eli Bliliuos, a certified hypnotist who specializes in helping clients overcome insomnia. "The practice of deep sleep meditation can help those who suffer with insomnia or restless sleep," Bliliuos said. "It is especially helpful for those of us who think about life's challenges when trying to fall asleep."

How Does Deep Sleep Meditation Work?

Bliliuos explains that deep sleep meditation calms the mind and frees it of thoughts that would normally keep you awake at night. This technique can be achieved through meditation or hypnosis, where the mind is programmed to "relax and begin to shut down through bedtime routines that will allow you to fall asleep and stay asleep." The meditation or hypnosis sessions help to reduce or eliminate those anxious thoughts that keep us up at night.

Meditation instructor and manager of Shanti Bowl, Lisa Davis, has a similar view. "Meditation helps prepare the body and mind for sleep by slowing the heart rate and quieting the mind," she said. "As a result, it becomes much easier to fall asleep and also generally promotes a more restful and deeper sleep."

How Can I Get Started With Deep Sleep Meditation?

Davis recommended lying down in your sleep space when doing deep sleep meditation and focusing on your breath. "Anytime a thought wanders into your mind, work on expelling it and returning to a quiet mind," she suggested.

If deep breathing exercises are something you have never tried before, Davis suggested starting with short sessions of about three to five minutes and working your way up to a longer period. If even this proves challenging, begin by aiming for a certain number of deep inhales and exhales, like 10 or 20.

If you think deep sleep meditation might be for you, you can set up a hypnosis appointment or listen to deep sleep meditation YouTube videos each night before you hit the hay.