Why Lea Michele Says Hot Yoga Will Always Be Her Favorite Way to Work Out

Lea Michele is no stranger to hiding her passion for working out . . . more specifically, tapping it back at SoulCycle. The singer, actress, and devoted indoor cyclist never completes a Soul session without a sweaty selfie. So when we chatted with her during the Shape Magazine Body Shop event, we were surprised to learn that if she could choose one workout for the rest of her life, it wouldn't be SoulCycle.

Instead the singer explained that her go-to workout of choice would be CorePower Yoga. "I love SoulCycle, I really do, but hot yoga is something I've been doing since I lived in NYC. Johnathan Groff and I used to do Bikram yoga before, after, and in between shows. There's just something about yoga that is so great for mind, body, and soul and I just think it's so fulfilling. I love the heat and sweat you experience when you're in the room."

In addition to the mental benefits of hot yoga, Lea shared that she enjoys the physical benefits, too. "There's no workout that makes my skin look better, helps me detox better, and lose weight quicker. There are just so many perks from that particular practice so if I had to pick one for the rest of my life, hot yoga would definitely be it."