This Is the Workout I Started Doing Monday Night That Sets Up My Kickass Healthy Week

My workouts for the past three years have been two to four CrossFit classes a week, a run or two, and then I teach a yoga class on Sunday mornings. A friend of mine takes her daughter to a Monday night dance class next door to the studio where I teach, and asked me how the 6 p.m. hot yoga class was. Would you believe that I've been teaching yoga for over 20 years, but I rarely take a yoga class? I figured I'd go check it out with her.

While lying in Savasana, my outfit completely soaked through with sweat, and my muscles humming from the intense flow of postures, my eyes started to well up. I was reminded of how good it feels to do yoga, and to do something that's purely for me and my self-care. My love of yoga was the reason I started teaching, but I'm sad to say that life, work, kids — it all got in the way of me doing yoga like I used to (which was five days a week).

In that first class, the instructor spoke deeply about fears and obstacles we have, embracing and learning from them, and overcoming them. I became aware of the thoughts I've been having that may have been holding me back from joy and freedom. It felt more like a therapy session than a yoga class! Every week she had a different theme and I felt rejuvenated and inspired after each one.

I committed to taking Monday night yoga for the month and by the end of the first week, I was shocked how this one class positively affected my life. I felt more in tune with my emotional needs and desires, and felt inspired to write in my journal throughout the week. I also slept great that night and in the morning I felt so energized that I wanted to work out that morning, when I usually take a rest day. It also inspired consistent workouts the rest of the week, plus healthier eating choices, and walking more.

After that first month of just adding that hour and 15 minute class, my flexibility increased, I had no aches or injuries from CrossFit or running, and I felt stronger, since this class focuses a lot on core and upper body work. It even motivated me to do a little more yoga at home.

I often feel like one little change won't make a huge difference, but this proved me wrong! One day of yoga had a domino effect that helped spill health and happiness into my week. I wonder how amazing I'd feel if I added two yoga classes to my week!