Why Squats and Skinny Jeans Don't Mix


Skinny-jean-lovers, you might not want to believe this, but the denim style can actually be dangerous for your health. In fact, one woman recently landed in the hospital for four days and was unable to walk from wearing skinny jeans.

The woman had been helping her friend pack and move for several hours and was also squatting for long periods of time. Later in the evening, she tripped and fell because her feet were so numb and swollen. Once she arrived at the hospital, tests showed that there was muscle damage in her calves. "She wore such tight jeans that the muscles in her legs below her knees started to swell," said Dr. Jaydeep Bhatt, a clinical assistant professor of neurology at NYU Langone Medical Center.

The condition, known as compartment syndrome, is a painful swelling of the muscles and can lead to permanent muscle and nerve damage (or, in worst cases, amputation). "In order for you to squat, your muscles have to be closer together, so more muscle in less space," Bhatt said. "It's the perfect storm when you're wearing insanely tight jeans to make bad things happen."

Skinny jeans have often been attributed to compression and can affect the muscles, nerves, or organs. Doctors who treated the woman said had it not been for emergency intervention, the condition would have also damaged her kidneys. Luckily, after four days of rest and IV treatments, the woman was able to walk again.

The warning signs that skinny jeans may be hurting you? Bhatt said numbness and tingling sensations accompanied by weakness is never a good sign. If you've ever experienced these symptoms, it may be time to switch to flares!