21 Real-Life Workout Struggles (and How to Blast Through Them)

Source: POPSUGAR Photography
Source: POPSUGAR Photography

Sometimes you need a little nudge to get yourself motivated to work out, so we partnered with C9 Champion to share struggles we all face before exercising.

Everyone's guilty of making excuses instead of working out, but the truth is there are real-life struggles that also get in the way. Sure, they may be a touch trivial, but when your mojo gets disrupted, it can throw your entire sweat session off. Any of these happen to you? Yeah, we thought so. But don't let it stop you from busting through an awesome workout — we have tips for rising above it all.

  • The couch is so much more comfortable than the bike seat at the gym. But just think how great your butt will look after a month of cycling.
  • There's a line for the treadmill. Well, maybe today is the day for challenging yourself to a hot yoga class.
  • You worked your muscles too hard yesterday, and now you can't move. It burns so good, though.
  • Right as you start changing in the empty locker room, someone comes in and selects the locker right next to yours. Hey, it's OK. Maybe you can make a new friend.
  • Your stomach starts grumbling loudly during yoga. Reminder to finally make that pre-workout smoothie.
  • You're hungover. Toss back some water and sweat it out! Or check out this detox yoga flow to start your day right.
  • The person in front of you is wearing overworn, see-through yoga pants. Just focus on the instructor — and maybe that hot fellow yogi over there.
  • You get stuck next to a phone yeller on the treadmill. Crank up your new motivating workout playlist.
  • The person next to you has no idea how to use the machine correctly. Be friendly and ask if she would like a little help.
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  • Putting on your sports bra is a serious struggle, and removing it after a workout can cause major drama. Reward yourself after the battle with extra time in the sauna.
  • You catch the guy behind you in yoga totally checking out your boobs. Without any shame. At all. Maybe it's time to try an easy yoga workout at home?
  • The personal trainer you just started with doesn't take you seriously. Check out these tips for finding the right person to help you hit your workout goals.
  • You don't know how to use the new machines and don't want to ask for help. Step class?
  • The person next to you is way too into her workout. Just smile and follow her lead.
  • You are an oversweater. It's OK. Some people just sweat more than others.
  • Right when you're ready to start your favorite workout playlist, you realize your phone battery has run out. Check out what next group fitness class is happening, and check it out.
  • When the gym is crazy crowded, it feels more like happy hour than a workout session. Skip it and try one of these HIIT workouts at home instead.
  • They guy next to you can't stop singing along with his motivational playlist. You know what I'm talking about. But admit it: his exuberance kinda makes you smile.
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  • Your favorite instructor is out, and the replacement is not your style at all. Head to the treadmill and mix it up with one of these workout routines.
  • The woman behind you in Zumba is totally off beat. Just shimmy your way to the side, which also gives you a bit more room to work it.
  • There's sweat all over the only bike seat that's available. Maybe someone needs to get schooled on proper gym etiquette?

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