Looking For an Intense Calorie Burn? Check Out These 8 Workout Videos on YouTube

If you want to get in a real calorie burn — we're talking heart rate up, sweat dripping down your face, pushing yourself to your limits — then look no further than these YouTube workouts. Most are high-intensity and can be performed at home with minimal equipment, with the exception of a treadmill workout (did someone say sprints?) and some workouts with weights (holy muscle fatigue!).

Most of these workouts are 30 to 60 minutes, and you'll definitely get a bang for your buck. Although the calorie counts are listed in each workout, please note that every person is different and burns calories at different rates. It all depends on your metabolic rate, and even smart watches and heart-rate monitors aren't 100 percent accurate when tracking your workouts. But doing a HIIT workout, which entails bursts of exercise at a high intensity followed by a period of rest, will torch calories and trigger the afterburn effect where your body continues to burn calories after the workout (it's minimal and only lasts a few hours, but it's more than the calories you burn watching Netflix on the couch!).

If you're looking to rev up the calorie burn in your workouts to meet your weight-loss goals, challenge yourself, or just to get a hefty dose of endorphins, look through these eight YouTube workouts — and be prepared to sweat!

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Burning 60-Minute, 600-Calorie Workout With Jeanette Jenkins

Join celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins of The Hollywood Trainer Club for this 60-minute total-body workout that burns around 600 calories, no equipment required! There are also modifications available if you need them (no shame in that!).

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20-Minute Intense Treadmill HIIT Workout With Grow With Jo

You only need 20 minutes on the treadmill to torch serious calories. Johanna Sophia, aka Grow With Jo, will push you to your limits with a HIIT workout filled with all-out sprints. Although burning 1,000 calories in 20 minutes seems nearly impossible, sprints are proven to help you torch calories and burn fat, so expect an intense calorie burn!

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40-Minute Fat-Burning HIIT Workout With Sydney Cummings

NASM-certified personal trainer Sydney Cummings leads you through a 40-minute HIIT workout with no equipment (just a mat!) to help you torch calories and burn fat.

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Killer 45-Minute, 500-Calorie Workout With Jeanette Jenkins

Jenkins is back to deliver a 45-minute no-equipment workout that she estimates burns about 500 calories.

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1,000-Calorie No-Equipment HIIT Workout at Home

Join certified personal trainer June of the popular YouTube channel 1 Workout a Day for this one-hour HIIT workout that requires no equipment. You'll perform five circuits and four rounds of the bodyweight workout, and she estimates you'll burn up to 1,000 calories.

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45-Minute, 500-Calorie Boxing Workout With Christa DiPaolo

No gloves? No bag? No problem! Torch close to 500 calories with Boxing and Bubbles founder Christa DiPaolo in this 45-minute cardio boxing workout with Class FitSugar.

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3-Mile Fat-Burning Indoor Walking Workout With Grow With Jo

Yes, you can do an indoor walking workout without a treadmill, and Grow With Jo shows you how. This three-mile indoor walking workout can help you burn hundreds of calories and is beginner-friendly. Don't worry, you won't just be marching in place — clear out some space and get ready to sweat!

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Burn 400 Calories in 40 Minutes With This Bodyweight Workout

Leave it to Class FitSugar trainer Anna Renderer to lead you through this 40-minute bodyweight workout and burn about 400 calories. You just need a mat, and probably a sweat towel and water bottle!