A Trainer Says These Are the Top 6 Fitness Myths "That Need to Die"

Trying to sort through all the fitness info that's thrown our way can leave us feeling superconfused about what's right and what's effective. Personal trainer Marcus Rice wants to help set the record straight. He posted this to show the six fitness myths everyone needs to stop believing.

  1. "Eating carbs makes you fat" It's not necessarily the type of food you're eating that makes you fat; it's how many calories. Eat too many daily calories, and over time, you will gain weight.
  2. "Weightlifting makes you bulky and unattractive" Lifting weights can actually help you lose body fat, making you look leaner.
  3. "Tons of cardio is needed to get toned" While cardio does burn calories, strength training is more effective for helping speed up your metabolism, lower body fat percentage and help tone your muscles.
  4. "Eating 'clean' is all that matters for weight loss" Healthy foods are better than junk in that they'll satiate your hunger longer and make you feel energized, but you still need to be mindful of your calorie consumption.
  5. "You can't enjoy your favorite foods when dieting" Everything in moderation! You should absolutely leave room in your diet for the foods you love. Enjoying a little treat every so often will make you more likely top stay on track.
  6. "You can spot reduce fat on your body" Unfortunately, you can't do crunches to reduce belly fat, or squats to lose cellulite on your thighs. You have to reduce your overall body fat percentage in order to target those areas.