If You're Trying to Get Your Splits Down, Check Out These Yoga Videos For Help

You need flexible hips and hamstrings to do splits — so poses that stretch those parts of your body are key to getting your splits down. When you actually attempt front splits, you should have squared hips, yoga instructor Casey Urban explained in a previous interview with POPSUGAR. This simply means that your torso faces forward, you're not favoring one side, and your chest is lifted (growing up, that form is something we talked about a lot at gymnastics practice).

Urban said that while the amount of time it takes to get splits down depends on the person and their flexibility level, patience is everything. She noted, though, that you should allow your body periods of rest and you shouldn't force any stretches or poses. Ahead, check out videos from yoga instructors designed to help you slide into your splits. The videos range in length, and we're confident you can find something here that works for you. Namaste — and stay stretching!

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20-Minute Yoga For Splits From Blogilates

Blogilates creator Cassey Ho brought her sister on her YouTube channel to teach a yoga class that's all about getting flexible enough to play around with your front splits. You'll do Downward Dog, quad and hip flexor stretches, a series of lunges, and more. Plus, the video ends with you trying to slide into those splits.

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13-Minute Stretch For Splits From Boho Beautiful

Juliana from Boho Beautiful has a quick video on poses you can do to loosen up your body for splits. You'll do standing splits, lunge extensions, poses where you're lying on the ground and pulling one leg to your torso, Lizard Pose, and others. Some of the stretches (like gravity splits) might be challenging if you're just starting out, so only do what you feel comfortable doing.

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47-Minute "Happy Hamstring" Yoga Flow From Andrew Sealy

This Alo Yoga class will open up your hamstrings, key muscles that need to be stretched in order to properly work on your splits. You'll also do moves that will loosen up your hips, and Sealy does a great job explaining how each move benefits specific parts of your body.

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5-Minute Yoga Stretch Routine For Splits From Class FitSugar

Have five minutes? Try this quick flow for front and middle splits that features four types of stretches: Cobbler's Pose or Frog's Pose; lunge, Lizard Pose, or Pigeon Pose; Pyramid Pose or a hamstring stretch; and seated Forward Fold. With practice, you'll go from the hamstring stretch into a full split.

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20-Minute Hips Yoga From Jessamyn Stanley

The hips, Stanley explains, are sensitive because "they hold all of our tension." Also, if you sit or stand a lot, there's constant compression, and the only way to get rid of that is by opening up your hips, Stanley says. Another plus? Opening up your hips helps with splits.

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20-Minute Split Stretches From Kylan Fischer

This video via Alo Yoga showcases stretches that will loosen up the hamstrings and quads. You'll do Pyramid Pose, seated and standing Forward Fold, and a half split. You'll slide into your splits here, too.

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30-Minute Yoga For Middle Splits From Adell Bridges

This yoga flow is all about working on your middle split with a particular focus on the inner thighs. Again, do what you are comfortable with; Bridges emphasizes the fact that you should really pay attention to how your body is feeling.

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8-Minute Splits For Beginners From Action Jacquelyn

Here's another Alo Yoga video that features some of Jacquelyn Umof's favorite stretches for splits. It's just eight minutes long, so it'll be easy to squeeze into your daily routine.

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1-Hour Yoga For Hamstring Flexibility From Yoga With Kassandra

This hour-long flow on the Yoga With Kassandra YouTube channel targets your hamstrings. You'll need two blocks and a strap for this one, and a particular pose I like best is the Half Happy Baby.

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12-Minute Yin Yoga Deep Hip Stretch From Faith Hunter

Hunter provides a quick flow that will get deep into your hips and release tension. As we mentioned, loosening up your hips is key when you're preparing to work on your splits.

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20-Minute Hip-Opening Yoga For Flexibility From Sarah Beth Yoga

Here, Sarah Beth will teach you how to use a cushion to guide you into your splits. "Listen to the sensation in your body," she advises. "Remember that your body is communicating with you through sensation, so it'll tell you when you need to back off a little bit or if you're able to go just a little bit deeper." (Note: she also recommends using two blocks, but says you can use two books instead.)

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35-Minute Yoga Sequence For Splits From Brett Larkin

This flow will give you a good stretch for your splits, but there's also a part in the video before you slide into those splits where you'll massage the back of your neck and feet in order to relax the body (lotion is optional).

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A Quick Split Progression Tutorial From Koya Webb

While this isn't a full yoga video, Webb walks you through a simple progression once she does a series of "feet pedaling" in a lunge position and gets into a front split. A block is encouraged if you have room to place one underneath your thigh.

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16-Minute Yoga For Flexibility From Yoga With Adriene

You won't actually go into your splits in this video from Adriene Mishler, but you'll be working on your overall flexibility. A good portion of the video focuses on stretches to open up the hamstrings and hips, so this flow might be a little less intimidating for some of you to try.