For Every Person Who Takes a Zumba Virtual Class, 1 Meal Will Be Donated to People in Need

If you love Zumba, have always wanted to try it, or have been enjoying at-home workouts while staying inside amid the novel coronavirus, Zumba has announced that when you take a class online starting today, someone in need will receive aid. On May 12, Zumba Fitness launched a partnership with The Global FoodBanking Network to donate one million meals to people impacted by COVID-19. For every person who joins a Zumba Virtual session, one free meal will be delivered.

This initiative, called "Your Moves Matter," will not stop until that goal number of one million is reached, and so far, Zumba has donated 100,000 meals. Those interested can find Zumba Virtual classes by going to or by heading to and clicking on "Let's Dance."

Some of these workouts are free, but some cost a few dollars — a spokesperson told POPSUGAR that it's up to the Zumba instructor to determine the price of each class. Note: the money charged for online Zumba classes has allowed many instructors to keep a steady income during this time. These classes range by type — Zumba, Zumba Step, Zumba Toning, etc. — time of day, and language. Each class has its own instructions for how to sign up, and from what we can see online, a main platform being utilized is Zoom.

The same spokesperson confirmed that no classes permanently stay on the portal; some remain on the site for a few hours, while others are strictly livestreams. If you end up liking a specific instructor, the spokesperson suggested that you continue to check their social media pages for their teaching schedule, as many of the instructors teach multiple times per week. Watch the Your Moves Matter initiative video ahead, and get moving!

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