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This Restaurant Only Does Grilled Cheese, and It's Awesome

We've got a new partnership with Foodbeast, who will be sharing breaking food news, trendsetting recipes, and more with us regularly. Today: Charisma Madarang takes us inside the menu of a ridiculous grilled cheese restaurant.

Here in Santa Ana, CA, tucked in between a Salvadorian restaurant and a government parking lot, rests The Grilled Cheese Spot — a small eatery that solely serves melty, gooey grilled cheese sandwiches. The joint's offerings range from your standard American cheese and white bread combo (cheekily named Government Issued) to a mind-blowing sandwich packed with three of the most decadent meats.

The grilled-cheese-only restaurant just happens to be located right next to Foodbeast HQ, and we got the opportunity to collaborate with the lovely gents of The Grilled Cheese Spot to create The Foodbeast. The sandwich was inspired by our love for indulgent, high-quality ingredients and manages to fit fried chicken, onion rings, gruyère, and gouda in between two thick slices of marble loaf bread. Did we mention the whole shebang is smothered in pickle and jalapeño relish and maple syrup? Because it is. Oh, yes, it is.


Check out the video below for an intimate look at what goes on behind the counter at The Grilled Cheese Spot.

Starving Artist

Gruyère cheese, balsamic mushrooms, white bread.

The Melt

Albacore, sharp cheddar, red onions, tomato, rye bread.

Dusk Til Dawn

Smoked gouda cheese, applewood-smoked bacon, two fried eggs, grilled onions, sourdough bread.

Government Issued

American cheese, white bread.

The Three Little Piggies

Applewood-smoked bacon, prosciutto, salami, brie and goat cheeses, red onions, spinach, multigrain bread.

The Foodbeast

Fried chicken, onion rings, gruyère, smoked gouda, pickle and jalapeño relish, maple syrup, marble loaf.

The Grilled Cheese Spot, 318 W. 5th St., Santa Ana, CA 92701

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