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Bobby Flay Surprises Turkey-Lover on Today Show

Watch Bobby Flay Give a Thanksgiving Enthusiast the Surprise of a Lifetime

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a Thanksgiving-loving man in possession of a secret recipe must be in want of a visit from Bobby Flay. So when the Today show worked with Maryland fried-turkey enthusiast Tom McLister's family to coordinate the Thanksgiving surprise of his life, they naturally turned to chef Bobby Flay for help.

Nicknamed "Turkey Tom" thanks to his passion for deep-frying eight unfortunate birds every November, McLister experienced surprise after surprise when Today host Al Roker turned up at his doorstep, then his kids showed up from out-of-state colleges, then Bobby Flay himself strode out of a hiding spot in the McLister family's garage. The five-minute segment is enough to bring a tear to any foodie's eye!

Of course, like any dad dedicated to his Thanksgiving cooking craft, McLister boasts a secret turkey brine recipe that he guards with his life. When Flay asked if he could get in on the secret, though, McLister made an exception! Give the segment a watch, and you'll be even more excited to start your Thanksgiving menu planning.

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