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Disneyland Flamin' Hot Cheetos Funnel Cake

Disneyland's Cheesy Flamin' Hot Cheetos Funnel Cake Is a Strange Combination, to Say the Least

Disneyland is home to plenty of delicious funnel cakes and cheesy snacks, but when you combine the two, the result is a very intriguing dish. That's the case with the Sizzlin' Hot Funnel Cake from Hungry Bear Restaurant, which is a sweet funnel cake topped with orange cheese sauce and crushed up Flamin' Hot Cheetos. Personally, I could get on board with a salty, savory funnel cake topped with cheese — which would be like cheese fries! — but a regular ol' funnel cake dough with nacho-like sauce is quite the opposite.

The menu item has been around for several months at Hungry Bear, which is known for offering other funnel cake options like Milk and Honey Funnel Cake with whipped cream. Many curious people have been inclined to order it, and people's opinions seem to be pretty consistent — it's just kind of a weird combination, but some people like it.

"This funnel cake was weird, to say the least," Walt Disney World News Today wrote in its review. "It wasn't bad, exactly, but pairing funnel cake with cheese and Flamin' Hot Cheetos is a strange combination. It did taste pretty gross once it cooled down, though, so we advise trying to eat this while it's still warm." Other brave souls who've tried it and shared it on Instagram have said, "I know it sounds and looks weird but pretty good! Something interesting for a foodie to try," and, "I enjoyed it though my stomach wasn't as a big a fan." See photos of this unexpected snack ahead, and decide whether or not you'd take the plunge.

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