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Gordon Ramsay MasterClass

Here's How You Can Get a Cooking Lesson Straight From Gordon Ramsay Himself

If you've always dreamed of being invited to Gordon Ramsay's house for a cooking lesson, you're in luck. The chef has a new series of cooking classes on MasterClass that allows you to get firsthand tips and step-by-step recipes straight from inside Gordon's home kitchen. In the online-only series of cooking classes, Gordon will cover everything from basic knife skills to how to cook salmon and homemade pasta.

According to the press release, "In this MasterClass, Ramsay will teach chefs and home cooks how to elevate their own home cooking to Michelin Star quality through over 20 in-depth, instructive, and visually stunning lessons. Ramsay dives deep into picking ingredients, knife skills, how to build great dishes and presentation, taking you through his own recipes for everything from lobster ravioli to beef wellington. Ramsay's MasterClass gives students the knowledge they need to make even the most basic food great."

The intimate series offers an on-camera side of Gordon that viewers might not normally see — it's just Gordon, the food, and you. "You'll see a side to me across this class that I don't think has ever been shown before," Gordon said in the trailer above. You can preorder the series here for $90, which includes more than 15 video cooking lessons that don't expire, a downloadable workbook of supplemental tips, and office hours, which allow you to submit questions. "I've just spent the last 30 years busting my ass off to get on the plate what I'm about to show you. Watch . . . but watch f*cking carefully," Gordon said.

Image Source: MasterClass
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