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How to Chop Cilantro

This Insanely Satisfying Cilantro-Chopping Trick Will Make Your Jaw Drop

We all know how to chop most herbs in small quantities, but what about when you've got to cook for a small army? Or, in this case, a popular Mexican restaurant? An employee named Rogelio at El Camino Real Mexican Food in Fullerton, CA, figured out an efficient way to prep massive amounts of chopped cilantro, and the entire process is indescribably satisfying to behold.

Watch as he rolls up a huge quantity of cilantro stalks into one thick, delicious bundle, then begins cutting with the sort of speed and precision that would make a well-oiled machine jealous. While not everybody enjoys the flavor of cilantro, anybody can appreciate the skill it takes to prep ingredients this quickly. Press play and learn how to handle your kitchen knife the next time you're prepping a large meal!

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