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How to Make Chip Clips Out of Hangers

Never Buy Chip Clips Again With This Amazing Hack

If you have a surplus of plastic clamped clothes hangers sitting in your closet, turn them into chip clips. It's beyond easy: carefully snap and twist the clips off (or, if they're soft plastic, you can remove them with a sharp knife), and you've got a useful (and completely free!) clip for chips or anything else that needs preserving in your pantry.

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Food Food 7 years
fuzzles, that is brilliant! Thanks for the tip. Great idea!
fuzzles fuzzles 7 years
I save old wine bottle corks to store corn-on-the-cob holders. Just spear one holder into each end of the cork and toss into your gadget drawer. No more poked fingers when rummaging around for a spatula!
redsugar redsugar 7 years
mandaleebee mandaleebee 7 years
Love this idea! A lot of the time one of the clamps will break on my hanger and then it will be useless. Now I have something to do with the other clip!
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