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Mac and Cheese Pringles

Mac and Cheese Pringles Are Now on Shelves, So Move Over, Regular Cheddar!

Cheesy Pringles are an obvious contender for one of the best orange snacks, but what about mac and cheese Pringles? They're real, folks, and you can decide how they compare for yourself. Mac 'N Cheese Pringles were first released as part of the Thanksgiving Dinner Pringles set in 2017, but now they're on shelves in their own packaging for a limited time, according to the Junk Food Aisle.

Back when the flavor was first released, POPSUGAR editors tried it and agreed it does indeed remind us of macaroni and cheese. When two of the best comfort foods combine, the result can only be a good thing. So far, Mac 'N Cheese Pringles have been spotted at Dollar General, so keep your eyes peeled at other grocery stores and grab them while you can.

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