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Martha Stewart QVC Food 2017

Martha Stewart Makes It Easier Than Ever to Bake 1 of Her Signature Pies

From-scratch pie crust can be the most difficult task when baking a homemade pie. The delicate pastry dough can go wrong in so many ways, but if there's one person who has mastered pies, it's Martha Stewart. The lifestyle guru understands that making pie crust is both tricky and time consuming, which is why she made sure her signature pate brisee pie dough is included in her upcoming QVC line, out Oct. 18.

"You'll be getting them frozen, rolled up in a box, and you can put them in a pie dish and fill it with fruit, and you have an instant delicious pie — but the pastry is really good," Martha told POPSUGAR. She added that all the ready-made foods included in the collection are based on her recipes and would be exclusive to QVC, meaning you can't find these items elsewhere. Two other favorites — parker house rolls and cheese straws — will also be part of the QVC collection. Martha's QVC line will include gardening, fashion, and skincare items as well.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Anna Monette Roberts
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