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Moonberry Twinkies at Walmart 2019

Hold Up, Space Cowboys — Blue "Moonberry" Twinkies With a Mystery Filling Have Arrived!

Moonberry Twinkies at Walmart 2019
Image Source: Hostess

No, Mercury Retrograde isn't having a delayed effect on your vision, Leos; those are actually blue Moonberry Twinkies on your screen. Yep, the golden, cream-filled cakes we grew up with just got a galactic makeover, and they definitely look like they were sent down to Earth from an alien planet.

Available exclusively at Walmart for a limited time, the dark blue Twinkies, reminiscent of the night sky, are filled with a fruity mystery cream referred to as a "moonberry" flavor. We can't say exactly which pocket of the galaxy these otherworldly creations originated in, but we can tell you they'll be sold in packs of 10 for $3 as long as supplies last.

If those Marshmallow Moon Oreos from last month are anything to go by, it looks like we should be expecting a lot more space-themed treats rocketing our way this year. I have a feeling these Twinkies are going to blast right off the shelves, so grab 'em while you can!

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