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Peeled and Packaged Avocados

You Will Seriously Question Humanity After Seeing These Peeled and Packaged Avocados

Surprised and disappointed after a friend posted a picture of an avocado for sale at his local Sobeys in Thornhill, ON....

Posted by Christine Kizik on Friday, March 11, 2016

Calavo Growers, makers of prepackaged guacamole, have released a product that is upsetting the Facebook community at large: peeled and packaged avocado halves. Facebook user Christine Kizik took to the social media platform to express her "disappointment" and to confront the grocery store who sold the refrigerated item. Sobeys, a Canadian-based grocer, responded to her comment in the post's thread:

"This product was developed for people who might be new to using avocados and for a little more convenience. It eliminates the guess work when it comes to ripeness and any challenges if you are not familiar with peeling and seeding a fresh avocado. The packaging is there to keep the fresh wholesome appearance and quality of the avocado without it browning prior to consumption."

One packaged avocado will set you back over $3 US, has a shelf life of 55 days, and must be consumed within 12 hours of opening, according to Calavo Growers. It appears Sobeys is standing by the product, unlike Whole Foods, who pulled peeled and packaged oranges off refrigerator shelves after customer uproar.

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