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Reactions to the New York Times Pea Guacamole

Everyone, Including the President, Hates On the NYT's Green Pea Guacamole

Who doesn't love the New York Times food section? The answer is everyone, at least for today as the publication tweeted out its recipe for green pea guacamole. The recipe caused such an uproar that even the president himself sided with the people on this one and tweeted his disapproval. The reactions to this seemingly innocent guac recipe are downright hilarious. You're going to want to add to the conversation. Trust us.

Obama took time away from his health care Twitter talk to address the obvious:

This is a legitimate question:

Others just blamed Canada

Pea puns a plenty

NYT may have lost some of its credibility . . .

And its identity

Melissa Clark tried to step in . . . but it was too late

People expressed the betrayal

And told it like it is

Others pleaded for NYT to take it back

Foodies crushed this idea immediately

Ain't nobody got time for this recipe

The Internet satirized the #NYTrecipes "trust us" tweet

And no one wanted to even talk about the elephant in the room

NYT's response to the Twitter eruption

Followed by this article defending the peacamole's five-star rating

Where's a face-plant emoticon when you need one?

Source: DreamWorks

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