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Ripple THC Dissolvable Cannabis

This THC Powder Literally Turns Any Dish Into an Edible β€” Seriously

If you're someone who wants a dish that will give you a good high without having to make the classic brownies or deal with marijuana directly, there's a new option for you. Stillwater Ripple is a dissolvable THC that's completely colorless and odorless, so you can literally add it into any food and not taste it at all. It comes in two options, Ripple Pure 10, which contains 10 mg of purified THC distillate, and Ripple Balanced 5, which contains 5 mg THC and 5 mg CBD distillate.

What makes Ripple stand out from your standard cooking or baking with marijuana, other than the fact that it's straight-up THC and CBD, is that it is supposedly fast acting and long lasting, which means you won't have to wait the usual hour to two hours to feel the effects like you would with a traditional edible. According to Stillwater's product description, "Ripple water-soluble cannabinoids are absorbed into the bloodstream in three places: under the tongue, in the soft tissue of the digestive tract, and, finally, in the liver," which is what makes them so fast acting.

The Ripple powders are also premeasured into precise dosages so you know exactly how much you're adding each time. However, the catch is that you can only purchase this product in Colorado, where it is perfectly legal. Due to various marijuana laws in each state, it cannot be shipped or carried over state lines, so you'll have to purchase it and enjoy it on your next trip to Colorado.

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