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S'mores Popcorn Recipe

S'mores Popcorn Changes Everything

It seems like such an obvious pairing. M&M's and popcorn have been combined for years! It's so genius and delicious that we wish we had thought of it ourselves, but the credit goes to Kettle. The chips and popcorn makers sent us a bag of the brand's sea salt popcorn, along with a few cups of chocolate chips and mini marshmallows.

For this popcorn mix, use a chips-and-dip tray (if you have one) so the chocolate chips don't fall to the bottom and you can snack on equal amounts of popcorn, chocolate, and marshmallow. Fill the "chips" section of the tray with the popcorn, followed by the marshmallows and chocolate chips. Then fill the center "dip" section with another candy of your choice, like caramel chews. The salty, crunchy popcorn; slightly bitter chocolate chips; and fluffy marshmallows are made for each other. I admit I filled about four bowls of this stuff. Game days and movie nights will never be the same.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Anna Monette Roberts
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