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Standard Wines by the Glass

These Wines by the Glass Are Small Enough to Stash in Your Purse — and They're So Chic!

Standard Wines by the Glass
Image Source: Standard

It's a common dilemma: you want to open a new bottle of wine, but you only plan on drinking a glass or two. Some wine experts say it's best to finish the whole bottle within 24 hours for the freshest taste, and it's a bummer to pour another glass the following week only to realize it's gone bad. A solution that's becoming more common is the idea of letting people buy wines by the glass — in places other than restaurants. And a new company called Standard Wines, which launched in November, makes this concept more accessible to wine-lovers everywhere.

From the founders of Vinebox, the wines-by-the-glass subscription service, Standard offers a red, white, and Rosé wine, each made in California and packaged in a 187-milliliter bottle that's, might I add, quite chic. Each bottle (aka glass) translates to one 6.3-ounce pour and costs $8. Right now, Standard Wines are available to order online (starting in packs of six).

"As options for alternative formats increase, it seems the median level of quality is dropping in correlation. It's our mission to remove the compromise associated with smaller formats and deliver generous, quality wines to everyone in an easy-to-enjoy, noncommittal, single-serving size," the company said in a press release. If you're into the idea of reaching for a one-and-done glass of wine whenever you feel like it (and not worrying about finding a bottle stopper when you're done), keep reading to learn more about this new company's offerings before you see them in stores.

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