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Truly Rosé Spiked & Sparkling Water Review

Truly Is Releasing a Rosé Spiked & Sparkling Water — and Yup, We'll Take a Million

I'm going to shoot straight with you: Rosé has never been my first choice off the drink menu at a restaurant. And yes, I know that's borderline sacrilegious during the sweltering Summer months on the East Coast. While my friends' gazes immediately land on the Rosé section of the wine list, I usually go all or nothing with a dry white or a full-bodied red because Rosé registers as just a little too sweet for me on the average afternoon.

With that said, I never balk at the opportunity to try something new. So when the folks over at Truly Spiked & Sparkling Water asked if I wanted to try their top-secret new Rosé flavor, I was obviously game. Soon enough, I was perched on a New York City rooftop with a sneak peek of the not-yet-released beverage. Someone handed me a slightly suspect-looking brown bottle without a label that probably should've had beer in it — but alas, it was a cold glass of Rosé sparkling water — and it was divine.

So what exactly can you expect in terms of flavor? Pretty much all the fruity notes you'd expect from Rosé with a heck of a lot more bubbles and only 100 calories. As a take-it-or-leave-it girl in the Rosé department, I have to admit I was extremely impressed. With a five percent ABV and only one gram of sugar, this has subtle citrus notes without the excessive sweetness that leaves you with a hangover if you go a tad overboard.

Another huge selling point? How freaking adorable the can is! Because nothing is more fitting for a late Summer beach trip or a bonfire than a sleek can (no bottle opener required) with gorgeous pink flowers. Hello, totally Instagrammable beverage.

You can snag a 12-pack for $15 to $17 at select local retailers in Maine, New Hampshire, New York, and Vermont. Expect Truly's Rosé to hit shelves in the rest of the US by February 2019.

Image Source: Truly Spiked & Sparkling Water
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