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Twix Cookies and Creme Candy Bar Release Date 2020

'90s Kids, Rejoice: Twix Cookies & Creme Candy Bars Are Making a Comeback!

Stop the presses, hold the phones, and listen up, y'all: Twix Cookies & Creme candy bars are making a comeback in January 2020, exactly 30 years after they first hit stores in all their chocolaty glory. The beloved snack variety of days past was first released back in 1990 (remember begging your mom to buy you one in the grocery store checkout line, '90s kids?), and they gained widespread popularity before being discontinued, much to the chagrin of cookies and cream fans everywhere.

Rather than the classic Twix bar's usual butter cookie and caramel filling, this new-and-improved flavor boasts chocolate cookie bits layered under a creamy filling that's injected with even more cookie crumbles — all wrapped in a smooth milk chocolate coating. Phew, are you drooling yet? With redesigned packaging that looks tantalizing enough to lick, these nostalgic treats are going to be pretty darn hard to resist buying in bulk.

Twix Cookies & Creme candy bars unfortunately won't be back in time to fuel your Halloween sugar rush this year, as they're set to dust off their hypothetical cobwebs and make a grand return early next year. What a way to celebrate the new year, though, am I right? January simply can't come soon enough!

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