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Ways to Save Money at Publix

Smart Publix Shoppers Take Advantage of These Grocery Hacks

Shopping at Publix is a transformative experience, at least for me. As a former resident of Florida, I sorely miss shopping at Publix and actually make a point to stop by anytime I'm back. The supermarket chain native to the South — namely Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama — is known for its exceptional customer service and meticulously organized aisles. It's also famous for its easy, money-saving offerings and generous coupons. These are some of my favorite money-saving hacks and ways to make the grocery shopping experience the best it can be.

  1. Go paperless! Digitally organize coupons and create shopping lists on the Publix app.
  2. Publix has a very liberal return policy: return any opened or unopened item even without a receipt.
  3. If you forgot your coupon at home, some stores will refund you the difference you would have saved if you bring the coupon in with your receipt on your next shopping trip.
  4. Publix's own brand items are really good for a reason: they're actually made by the same leading producers that make similar products for big name brands. So you're basically getting the same product at a lower cost and with different packaging.
  5. Purchase $10 worth of groceries on any given Thursday and you'll be eligible to receive that week's "penny item," a product that you can purchase for just one penny. The actual coupon for the penny item can be found in your local newspaper.
  6. For items that are on sale if you buy two of them at a time, you can still just get one and Publix will proportionately mark it down.
  7. Publix accepts other competitors' coupons, like Target and Whole Foods!
  8. You can also combine a coupon from another store with a Publix coupon for extra savings on just one item.
  9. Stop wasting time and energy cutting and preparing raw meat before cooking it. The butchers can cut any packaged meat you bring them.
  10. If you're a frequent Publix shopper, you know that cookbooks are no longer necessary if you pick up some of the store's delicious and easy recipes. The Aprons, as they're referred to, are usually available at the front of the store.
  11. To show your gratitude to the wonderful Publix employees, simply compliment an employee to the store manager and that employee will be rewarded with a free deli meal.
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