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What Is Clear Coffee?

Welcome to the Future! Clear Coffee Is Now a Thing That Exists

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In an attempt to solve coffee's inevitable effect on teeth, one inventive brand has created the world's first colorless coffee. Clear Coffee consists of arabica coffee beans from Ethiopia and water. The transparent color is due to an undisclosed processing method the brand has developed over time.

According to the official website, Clear Coffee doesn't contain any additional sweeteners, flavors, preservatives, or stabilizers. It is, however, super strong. One lifestyle blogger who tried the coffee wrote, "It reminds me a lot of an intense cold brew — and you'll no doubt find yourself feeling more than pepped up within a few sips."

Unfortunately, Clear Coffee is currently only available in the UK both online and in select supermarkets, like Whole Foods and Selfridges. A pack of two bottles is priced at £6 ($8) and a pack of five is £15, or $20. Hopefully by the time it makes its way across the pond we'll be more comfortable with the idea of drinking clear coffee.

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