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What Are the Peeps Mystery Flavors?

The Mystery Peeps Chicks and Bunnies Totally Stumped Us

Peeps has come out with two new mystery flavors for some Easter fun. The chicks and bunnies (exclusive to Walmart) both have a slightly sour tang that can only be described as Fun Dip meets Pixy Stix. Peeps just revealed the actual flavors on Good Friday, but before it revealed them, we had to conduct a taste test to blindly guess each of the flavors.


There's something tropical about these bunnies — or is it autumnal? Whatever it is, it's definitely sour!

Most Popular Guesses:

  1. Sour apple — won by a landslide
  2. Fruit punch
  3. Tutti-frutti
  4. Lime

Actual flavor: Sour green apple


These chicks tasted just like berries — berries doused in some sort of sour-salt solution.

Most Popular Guesses:

  1. Sour cherry
  2. Sour (blue) raspberry
  3. Cherry-lime
  4. Sour grape

Actual flavor: Fruit punch

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Anna Monette Roberts
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