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What Is a Quesarito at Chipotle?

This Is How to Order a Quesarito at Chipotle, the Secret Menu Item That Wraps Your Burrito In Cheesy Goodness

Food mash-ups are nothing new. There was the cronut era, the donut cheeseburger, and, of course, the infamous and never-dying turducken. But did you know that Chipotle, that haven of customized, not-too-complicated, somewhat healthy Mexican food, has a deluxe, secret menu item, too? It's called the "quesarito," and it's as delicious as it is self-explanatory.

A Chipotle quesarito is exactly what it sounds like: a quesadilla and burrito combined. Specifically, it's one of Chipotle's typical customizable burritos, but instead of simply having a plain tortilla for the wrapper, your fillings are encased in a fresh, gooey cheese quesadilla. It's not listed on the official menu, but as of 2015, it does have an official price: a $3.50 surcharge on top of your normal burrito pricing. The extra cost is meant to compensate for the extra time required to make the deluxe item.

Because it's a little more complex and time-consuming than your typical assembly-line burrito, a viral Reddit thread in 2015 asked what's the best way to order a quesarito. For the most part, employees answered with the expected caveats: don't order it when there's a superlong line already, be careful about overstuffing the burrito, and be polite! With that in mind, next time you're at Chipotle with a cheese craving, a quesarito just might be the answer you're looking for! For more about what this off-menu favorite looks like, check out the photos ahead.

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