There's a Morbid Holiday Baking Hack That'll Turn Your Angel Cookie Cutter Into Baby Yoda

Start baking, I must. At least that's how I feel after seeing the latest Baby Yoda holiday cookie hack on Twitter. It was only a matter of time before the supermemed Star Wars character made its way into the kitchen, but I sure wasn't expecting it to come at the expense of another baking tool. Yet, once Twitter user @JRMcGrail (and Instagram user @atakturk) shared that you can make a Baby Yoda cookie cutter by chopping the head off an angel cookie cutter, it's all I could see.

Yes, it's a little dark to decapitate your cookie cutter, but it's also pretty genius. The wings do make the perfect Yoda ears, after all. Check out a few of the internet's cutest cookie creations below. If you don't have the stomach to say goodbye to your angel, don't worry, there are actual Yoda cookie cutters out there, so you don't have to DIY your own.