Do Your Patriotic Duty and Eat Some Ice Cream

What does patriotism taste like? Apparently like chocolaty caramel vanilla goodness. That's right: Baskin-Robbins is celebrating Veterans Day with a new tricolor flavor called First Class Camouflage.

We'll admit it — we never thought of camouflage and sweet treats going hand in hand, but this ice cream sounds pretty amazing. The three flavors in the brand's creation are chocolate (brown), salty caramel (tan), and vanilla cake (green). Baskin-Robbins has taken it to the next level with green waffle cones and a camo sundae as well, all of which will be available through the end of November. These items are a creamy indulgence you can also feel good about: 10 cents from each scoop sold will be donated to the United Service Organizations. Happy Veterans Day!