18 Cooking Resolutions You Can Keep With Barefoot Contessa Recipes

Enough of the resolutions that do nothing but deprive! Allow Ina Garten's Instagram and recipe collection to inspire you to bust out your finest sticks of butter (storebought is fine) and start cooking the coziest comfort foods the Barefoot Contessa can offer. This is one batch of recipes you'll resolve yourself to make this year, so like Ina, you'll simply say, "How easy is that?" by the end of 2017.

Cook Jeffrey's "new favorite dinner."

Have oatmeal for breakfast.

Get the recipe: maple oatmeal scones

Drink coffee and bourbon in moderation.

Get the recipe: bourbon honey cake

Go "gluten-free."

Get the recipe: raisin-pecan oatmeal cookies made with Cup4Cup gluten-free flour

Turn soup into pot pie.

Get the recipe: creamy chicken stew with pastry crust to form French chicken pot pies

Nosh on an alternative to avocado toast.

Get the recipe: On a sheet pan, top slices of fresh French bread with Camembert cheese and prosciutto. Toast in the oven until bread is crisp and cheese is melted.

Salt something sweet.

Make homemade bread.

Get the recipe: sour cream cornbread

Eat a balanced plate . . . cheese plate that is.

Get the recipe: easy cheese board

Cook up Ina's famous roast chicken.

Get the recipe: perfect roast chicken

Bake something elaborate on Sunday.

Get the recipe: easy sticky buns

Cool it on the cocktails; go for spritzers instead.

Get the recipe: Aperol spritzers

Fill your freezer with foods you'll actually eat.

Get the recipe: frozen key lime pie

Snack on nuts like candy.

Get the recipe: salted caramel nuts

Incorporate more butter into your life.

Get the recipe: chocolate chunk cookies

Try the toasted coconut trend.