The Absolute Best Grocery Items to Get at Costco

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Shopping at Costco can feel like a nightmare if you're not equipped with a list, and it's all too easy to get side-tracked if you don't come prepared. I asked a few members to name their go-to Costco groceries that bring on the flavor (without breaking the bank). Just remember: never go into Costco hungry, otherwise you're doomed to stock up on the craziest six-pack of something you don't need, like Fruit Roll-Ups.

  1. Frozen wild Alaskan salmon ($14/pound): A cheap staple to keep stocked in your freezer for a fast dinner.
  2. Rotisserie chicken ($5): It's less expensive than raw chicken, and it's perfectly cooked. Eat it for dinner one night and shred the leftovers for casseroles, tacos, and/or soups.
  3. Kirkland-brand alcohol: Amazing price (1.75 liter bottle of vodka for under $20) and flavor (better than name brands nine out of 10 times).
  4. Costco pizza: You just can't go wrong, ever.
  5. Dave's Killer Bread: You can get it two for one loaf at Costco. Use one now, freeze one for later.
  6. Virgin coconut oil ($15 a jar).
  7. Olive oil ($18 a bottle).
  8. Crumbled feta: But really, ANYTHING from the cheese section.
  9. Olives from the olive bar.
  10. La Terra Fina Chunky Artichoke & Jalapeño Dip: Insanely good heated up as a dip for pita chips, as a sandwich spread, or even used in lieu of cream cheese on a bagel!

— Additional reporting by Dominique Astorino, Angela Elias, and Brinton Parker