10 Things Organized People Have in Their Kitchens, According to Marie Kondo

POPSUGAR Photography | Adrian Busse
POPSUGAR Photography | Adrian Busse

The most effective organization technique I've tried (and stuck to) is The KonMari Method. After gobbling up Marie Kondo's first title, The Life-Changing Magic of Tiding Up, I blazed through her next release, Spark Joy, in a matter of days. It expands on her original ideas, offering more habits of cleanly people as well as detailed sketches for organizing your various komono ("stuff"). I rid myself of a LOT of junk in my kitchen, but there are a few things (per Marie Kondo's advice) that I kept around to maintain a tidy kitchen. Use this list when purging your kitchen.

  1. Absorbant kitchen cloths to wipe away oil and grease and dry dishes. Store them folded in the perfect KonMari way.
  2. A sponge holder to store your sponge and dish soap under the sink.
  3. A small garbage can that fits under the sink.
  4. Short stationary boxes to store pantry items.
  5. Wire racks with long legs to make use of the space in tall cabinets. Best for stacking dishes.
  6. Rattan, bamboo, or wooden cutlery trays for silverware and cooking utensils. Don't use plastic! According to Kondo, "I urge you to reserve the best space for your cutlery right from the start. Next to food and your toothbrush, cutlery is the only other thing that enters your mouth."
  7. Only as many food containers as you actually use. Toss the rest or use as a drawer organizer.
  8. Letter divider or tension rod dividers used to store baking sheets and cutting boards upright in a cabinet.
  9. Special-occasion china becomes everyday dishware! There's nothing stored or saved for "special occasions."
  10. Place settings, coasters, napkins (and napkin holders), artwork, etc. Anything that offers more joy to you in the kitchen while cooking or dining.