Get All Steamed Up: Tea Kettles That Can Stand Up to Those Pro-Style Stoves

POPSUGAR Photography | Lauren Hendrickson
POPSUGAR Photography | Lauren Hendrickson
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After my kitchen remodel was complete, I was so excited to start using my Thermador pro-style stove with its star burners. The stove was just an absolute dream for making stir-frys, and perfectly searing salmon and bringing a pot of water to boil took way less time than my old standard stove. I was in love — that is, until I put my tiny little tea kettle on the stove to boil for a cup tea, walking away from the stove as I anticipated the whistle to call me back.

Well, way too much time passed. I found my little tea kettle's spout completely melted and its plastic handle had turned rather soft with the heat of those great burners. Of course, I could have switched to an electric kettle, but I have read through Marie Kondo and absolutely need clean counters. The hunt was on for a kettle that could withstand my new fierce stove; it had to be all metal and with a much wider base to completely utilize my new hefty burners.

I went with the Mauviel copper teapot as I love mixed metals in my kitchen, but keep reading to see a handful of options that won't melt away on your new stove.