Get Served a Side of Laughter With Sunny Anderson's Spot-On Cooking Tips

Food Network star Sunny Anderson prides herself on making comfort food for "real life," aka dishes that are easy on the wallet and that come together quickly without sacrificing on flavor. But the best part about Sunny is her ability to make you feel like you're her best friend, just hanging next to her as she sautes some beef and shares her cooking tips. Sure, she'll make you laugh with her spot-on background music and sassy spelling choices, but somewhere in the middle of all that humor, you'll learn 10 different uses for gochujang. What's that? Don't worry, I'll let Sunny do the talking . . .

Fry eggs in chorizo fat.

The secret to four-ingredient mac 'n' cheese is gochujang.

Lime juice and extra-virgin olive oil are essentials for avocado toast.

Melt the cheese over a potato-and-egg hash — just be sure to use a nonstick pan.

You can be a great cook with a messy fridge. Sunny gives you permission.

Double-cook sweet potatoes for caramelized greatness.

All ground beef needs is a little gochujang.

The key to smooth, homemade almond milk is straining the mixture with a wet paper towel inside a fine-mesh sieve.

Gochugaru > Tajín