Birthday Cake Kit Kats Are Coming Soon, and They Contain Actual Rainbow Sprinkles

Kit Kat's newest flavor is cause for celebration. Shortly after the release of Kit Kat's tangy Lemon Crisp Miniatures, the candy brand announced the upcoming launch of Birthday Cake Kit Kats. The limited-edition treat consists of crispy wafers coated in a cake-flavored white crème that's mixed with rainbow sprinkles — it's the first-ever Kit Kat to include sprinkles. (Why did we somehow never consider this a possibility?)

"Kit Kat Birthday Cake delivers on the universal love of the layers of birthday cake flavor and aroma of frosting perfectly paired with the surprise crunch of sprinkles," said Justin Kukura, Hershey's senior manager of chocolate product development, in a press statement. The festive bars will be available nationwide starting April 2020. Check out a few photos ahead!