Cardi B's Kids Do *Not* Approve of Her Viral Spicy Bowls

Kids can be the toughest critics. Such was the case in Cardi B's household after she cooked viral spicy bowls for her entire family. "Soooo i did the viral spicybowl for my baby," she captioned a May 3 TikTok, referencing her husband and former Migos member, Offset. "HOPE YALL TRY IT!!" She started by chopping up some sausage and adding "lots and lots" of hot sauce and chili flakes on top, panning to Offset, who watched her cook with a concerned look on his face.

Next up, she gingerly moved on to the pickles, screaming at them to cut more easily. "Alright, so we add the pickle juice in there," she said, pouring all the ingredients into a tupperware container, along with some jalapeños and pepperoncinis. "It's a mess, but f*ck that," she joked as she worked. For the finishing touches, she also threw in banana pepper juice, smoked paprika, blackened seasoning, old bay seasoning, and hard-boiled eggs.

Once the spicy bowls were complete, Cardi shook the containers to mix everything together. She then asked Offset and their two kids, Kulture (4) and Wave (1), to test her final creation, cheering for them to taste it. "Wait, let me get him water!" Kulture said as her dad dipped his fork in, already anticipating the dish's spice. After his first bite, Offset gave his nod of approval, eating the spicy bowl with Wave on his hip. Kulture was up next, but her reaction was not quite as positive, scrunching up her face and screaming when she tried Cardi's meal. But despite the critical response she received, Cardi was a good sport, laughing in the background the minute she saw Kulture's face. Watch the family below, and learn how to make Cardi's spicy bowls yourself.