Carrot Cake Oreos Are Here, and Oh My Gosh, There's Cream Cheese Frosting in the Center

Oreo is ringing in 2019 by blessing our taste buds with a brand new flavor: Carrot Cake! Rumors about this release have been swirling around on social media, but Nabisco finally put our cravings to rest by bringing them to shelves at most major retailers — permanently! Rather than a regular ol' chocolate cookie, these droolworthy Oreos feature two carrot cake-flavored wafers with cream cheese frosting creme in the center. As far as I'm concerned, they're totally New Year's resolution diet-approved because, ya' know, carrots are vegetables, after all.

So far, Carrot Cake Oreos have gotten pretty rave reviews from dessert-lovers everywhere. One satisfied Instagram user noted that "the carrot cake cookie provides a lingering ginger and nutmeg spice with a present carrot flavor . . . and the sugary buttercream frosting provides the perfect tang to replicate cream cheese." Meanwhile, someone on Twitter described them as tasting "exactly like Dunkaroos," so yeah, we're pretty convinced to give 'em a try ourselves. Who's with us?