A $20 Cheese Advent Calendar Is Coming to Target, 'Cause Dreams Really Do Come True

Ladies and gentlemen, I have a very crucial and potentially life-changing announcement to make, so please brace yourselves. To celebrate the upcoming holiday season, Target will be selling — drumroll, please — a cheese Advent calendar! And as if that news alone wasn't incredible enough, we're delighted to inform you that it's only going to cost $20. [Insert corny quote about dreams coming true here.]

This gloriously cheesy creation is the brainchild of Annem Hobson, the British blogger behind So Wrong It's Nom. Last year, her cheese Advent calendar went wildly viral, but it was only sold at stores in the UK, much to the chagrin of cheddar addicts on the other side of the pond. Due to the calendar's popularity and a high demand of requests from around the globe, Annem worked with Norseland, a cheese manufacturer in England, to bring it stateside. This woman is truly out here doing the Lord's work, and we're forever indebted to her.

The forthcoming calendar will feature 24 individually wrapped pieces of cheese from brands like Jarlsberg, Applewood, and Ilchester and will hit shelves at 247 Target stores around the US in November. Check out a few pictures of the cheese-filled Advent calendar ahead, then do yourself a favor and locate a mop to clean up that puddle of drool that just formed on your lap.