25 Classic Wedding Cakes That Stand the Test of Time

Get ready, because you'll want to bookmark all of these classic wedding cakes. While so many today come in all different shapes and styles, we're loving timeless cakes that you'll want to bite into even when looking at pictures of your big day years from now. We're talking cascading flowers, ruffles, lace, and more dainty details. Ahead, check out the sweet stunners.

There's something so sweet about this simple but beautiful cake — the ruffles and flowers make the perfect classic combo.

An easy recipe for an elegant cake that's hard to forget? A floral and lace-like pattern that's topped off with white roses.

You may not have ever seen a hanging cake before, but this one's tiered shape and ribbon-like, beaded texture is familiar in the best way possible.

This light lavender cake with oversize cascading roses is so gorgeous, it'll make a statement all on its own.

This beauty is practically blooming with pink petals and flecks of gold detail that are both timeless and tasteful.

At only two layers high, this pretty white floral-covered cake makes a big impact.

Does it get any simpler or more timeless than this? Beading and pink peonies are the two ingredients it takes to get the look of this stunning cake.

The great thing about this gold-detailed cake is that it reflects another time period but is still totally appropriate for a modern-day wedding.

This two-layered ruffle and floral cake is effortless and elegant all at once; consider it a great option for beach weddings and beyond.

The details on this classic wedding cake are both soft and intricate at the same time — the embroidery-like pattern and florals are almost too sweet to eat.

Tradition meets style when it comes to this pretty, off-white, square cake.

This is one occasion where there's no such thing as too much pomp and circumstance — the lace! The gold! The oranges! It's all fitting of a royal wedding, if you ask us.

Six tiers are just enough to capture all the gorgeous details of this cake — the color stands out for good reason, and the lace-like icing is a delicate, classic touch.

Maybe it's the purple and pink roses or elaborate design, but there's something so whimsical and lovely about this cake.

This gorgeous cake proves that piped roses are just as classic as the real deal.

From the doves to the florals to the white beads, everything about this cake says timeless.

Typical ruffle cakes get an upgrade with fun colors and an appliqué-like pattern.

A wedding cake like this romantic, gilded version is sure to make the entire room sparkle — and who doesn't want that on their wedding day?

The cascading flowers, purple accents, and four tiers of pretty make this one showstopping cake.

Count this as the most elegant confetti we've ever seen. The fun details on this four-layered, blush-colored wedding cake are pretty exceptional.

This cake, full of flowers, frills, and delicate details, has all the makings of a traditional cake — except it's all pink and was modeled after a Chanel dress.

Painted wedding cakes are inherently special, and we think this particular one with its bird and floral design is just fabulous.

Two first two words that come to mind when seeing this cake: graceful and timeless.

This classic tiered cake on the left looks like it was hand-embroidered with a floral and leaf pattern, and we love that the topper adds a fun, modern touch.

This is one simple but charming cake if we every saw one, with a floral design that takes center stage.