This TikToker Makes Coffee Drinks For Each Zodiac Sign, and They're Both Creative and Caffeinated

Ready to go starry-eyed? There's a coffee-flavored drink for each of the 12 zodiac signs, and they were crafted in the heavens themselves. TikToker Joanna Moss, or @lovelyoneontheinside, has a divine talent of making drinks — from caffeinated to alcoholic and everything in between. Her concoctions are as creative as one can imagine, complete with sweet syrups, bold blends, and drool-worthy combinations. Just as each of the signs differ from the next, these coffees feature the same uniqueness and distinctiveness.

If you've ever wondering what kind of caffeine-filled beverage matches your zodiac sign (or even if you haven't), now's your chance to find out. From a cheeky pistachio gelato latte to delightful salted honey and orange blossom masterpiece, these drinks are as special as the stars above. Keep reading to see which coffee-infused drink matches your astrological sign, ahead.

Aries-Inspired Coffee

This fiery sign is determined, confident, and enthusiastic, meaning it needs a strong coffee to match these personality traits. Nitro cold brews are strong and stiff, and they're sure to the only caffeinated drink you'll need. Featuring a sweet cream cold foam, this drink is far from boring — just like its matching sign.

Taurus-Inspired Coffee

Reliable, patient, practical, and responsible, a Taurus needs a beverage that's just as grounded as they are. This espresso-filled drink features rich s'mores notes that are absolutely enchanting. This well-grounded sign feels the need to be surrounded by pleasures and beauty at all times, and this coffee is just that.

Gemini-Inspired Coffee

This divine drink was made to "represent both difference and sameness," just like the Gemini's zodiac symbol. This sign is curious and adaptable, which is perfect since this drink is made with a mixture of ingredients. Featuring both dark and white chocolate sauce, milk, and espresso, this caffeinated concoction is just what any Gemini would adore.

Cancer-Inspired Coffee

This water sign is highly imaginative, loyal, emotional, sympathetic, and persuasive, to name a few traits. While they can be one of the most challenging zodiac signs to get to know, they care deeply about matters of the family and home. This banana bread latte was made to highlight their caring side, and it does the perfect job of doing that. Made with banana and hazelnut syrup and a hint of caramel, this drink is as sweet as can be.

Leo-Inspired Coffee

Leos are creative, cheerful, and extremely difficult to resist, making this affogato al caffe a spot-on match. Crafted with rich ice cream and a shot of espresso, no one will be able to turn this down. Leos also usually have many friends, and with a drink like this, we can see why.

Virgo-Inspired Coffee

Since Virgos are known for paying attention to the smallest details, this sign goes hand-in-hand with a tiramisu reverse affogato. People born under this sign strive for perfection, meaning they would appreciate a this over-the-top delicious drink. They're the one of the most careful signs of the zodiac, meaning they would be able to re-create this beverage effortlessly.

Libra-Inspired Coffee

Libra signs are peaceful, fair, and hate being alone. Since they tend to be indecisive, this creation gives them the best of both worlds by being a drink and a snack all in one. This salted caramel latte is sweet and savory, and it features smooth whipped cream and crunchy cereal that give anyone enjoying it a rush of satisfaction.

Scorpio-Inspired Coffee

It only makes sense for a Double Torture to be the drink of a Scorpio. This water sign is passionate and stubborn, but they're always a true friend. Made with four shots of espresso and dark chocolate milk, this beverage is usually only ordered by someone as determined and decisive as these bold signs.

Sagittarius-Inspired Coffee

Curious and energetic, Sagittarius signs have an open mind and enjoy change. This pistachio gelato latte features an exciting flavor combination that any Sag would be enthusiastic to try. Since this fiery zodiac is known for their optimistic and extroverted personalities, they need a drink to match just that.

Capricorn-Inspired Coffee

This earth sign knows a good thing when it sees it, and how could a cappuccino get any better? Caps represent responsibility and discipline, and this tried and true pick-me-up is ideal for people who wants to get things done. Complete with a cinnamon and smoked maple syrup, this espresso will inspire anyone to do great things.

Aquarius-Inspired Coffee

Aquarius-born signs are sometimes shy and quiet, but also eccentric and energetic. This moon-milk beverage is quirky and delicious, and features a shot of bold espresso. Since this sign is known to be unique and independent, this lavender libation gives them the freedom to be creative with what they top it off with. Sprinkles? Fresh fruit? The sky is the limit!

Pisces-Inspired Coffee

This water sign's key characteristics are their compassion, gentleness, and artistic side. This delightful salted honey and orange blossom latte is imaginative and fun, and it features the most enchanting flavor combination. Since Pisces are also friendly and selfless, this drink would be ideal for them to order for a friend who they want to treat.