Say Hello to Summer — Corona's Fruity Spiked Malt Refrescas Are the Perfect Poolside Drink

Corona is here to celebrate Summer a little early this year — but not with beer! Corona Refrescas are the alcohol brand's first fruity nonbeer drink, packed with flavors like guava, coconut, and passion fruit to transport you from your poolside to the tropics. Yum! Inspired by the flavors of Mexico, these spiked malt drinks include a hint of lime in every can. This sounds perfect for a day at the beach when you can't actually go on a tropical getaway but you just need that extra something to take you to your mind's island paradise.

These fruity drinks are now available nationwide. The Passionfruit Lime Refrescas and Guava Lime Refrescas come in six-packs for $10, while all three flavors are available in a 12-packs for $17, according to a press release. Each 12-ounce can has just 199 calories and contains 4.5 percent ABV, so they're light and refreshing enough for daytime. While Corona isn't the first drink company to hop aboard the canned-alcohol train, it's going to take a while to get used to seeing the classic beer brand's logo on anything other than a brew. Catch a glimpse at the new flavors ahead.