Americans Will Finally Be Able to Enjoy Real Cuban Coffee For the First Time in 55 years

POPSUGAR Photography | Jae Payne
POPSUGAR Photography | Jae Payne

Cuban coffee has a distinctly strong kick that Americans have only somewhat been acquainted with in the last 55 years due to a trade embargo. Since that embargo was lifted by President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro earlier this year, enjoying real Cuban coffee will soon be a possibility for us. Starting in Fall 2016, Nespresso's Cafecito de Cuba pods, which are made from Cuban beans, will be available in the US.

The new pods will launch as limited edition, but the Switzerland-based company is partnering with nonprofit TechnoServe in efforts to keep them around permanently. The two will work with Cuban farmers to support sustainable coffee production.

Although Nespresso's Cafecito de Cuba will be the closest thing to Cuban coffee on the market, Cuban immigrants have already been enjoying Cuban-style coffee for a while now. Dr. Jose Azel, a senior scholar at the University of Miami's Institute For Cuban & Cuban American Studies, told Eater that the currently available alternatives are in fact very similar to authentic Cuban coffee.

But if you want the real thing, get excited to add these pods to your machine.