Disney's Color-Changing Noodles Are Almost Too Cool to Eat

Disney's bringing real-life magic to its food now, folks — just look at these color-changing noodles! This chilled salad, offered as part of Pixar Fest, has noodles that change from blue to pink thanks to a little drizzle of lime. This dish transforms its colors almost as quickly as Randall from Monsters, Inc. transforms his scales.

You can find the creative dish at the Lucky Fortune Cookery in Disney California Adventure. The mesmerizing salad comes with a sweet-and-spicy vinaigrette, herbaceous plants, crushed peanuts, shredded daikon, carrots, and Thai basil. Keep reading to see more photos and videos of the captivating noodles in action, and make sure to check out the other sweet eats at Disney parks right now.