Disney Springs Is Selling Boozy Push-Pops, So Who's Ready to Get Magically Buzzed?

There's an extraspecial way to beat the Florida heat, and it comes in the form of boozy push-pops. Adult park guests, this one's for you! Get your (frozen) drink on at Paddlefish in Disney Springs with these treats that are an Instagram post just waiting to happen.

The paddleboat restaurant now offers the viral-sensation Buzz Pop Cocktails, a mature take on the nostalgic treats of our childhood. These alcoholic push-pops come in eight flavors, made with fresh fruit and rum, and they contain an impressive 15 percent ABV. Did we mention they're also vegan, gluten- and fat-free, and under 100 calories each?

If you're lucky enough to make your way to the park, grab one of these Italian sorbet sweets for us, and enjoy it from Paddlefish's rooftop bar. You'll cool down and stay buzzed during your next Disney getaway — what could be better?